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The Doves Kinswoman

The Dove's Kinswoman Mary,
with good oil instead of a leaf,
portrayed the symbol of the Son's death.

Despite Jesus' extravagant comments, his anointing has long been neglected. With Mary Magdalene remembered primarily as the first witness to the Resurrection, the woman who anointed Jesus has slipped farther into the background. We no longer have a "saint's day" to commemorate the only person whom we have been told to remember "wherever the Gospel is proclaimed!"

These pages are an attempt to learn from this story. Clicking on the images above will lead you to comments on its role in the Gospels, possibilities for its use in understanding the sacraments, and related themes.

As the quality of my drawings suggest, what I present here is just a sketch. This applies to the ideas and conclusions on the following pages as well as to the art. I have no doubt that some of what I say is true and some not so true. Written over several years, there are probably inconsistencies. The art was an attempt to bring the ideas together. I ask your assistance in helping me discern what is true and what is not.

I pray that every reader may be touched by the story of this woman's love for Jesus.

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